I’m happy to introduce to you a new project I’ve been working on with Richard Kasperowski – an expert in high-performance teams, psychological safety, core protocols and agile.

It’s called Grow Together Academy and it’s a 4-5 week, intensely collaborative, online learning experience where leaders can develop their ability to bring people together and make great things happen.

Who is it for?

This experience might be for you if you need to be able to create the conditions for you and your people to learn from each other and create things none of you would be able to create on your own.

Maybe you already have a team that you believe has high potential, but you can sense there is something holding you back. You want to understand what’s going on and you want to turn up the good on your team so that you can all succeed together.

Or maybe you have a noble quest in mind and you need to enlist people to join and support you. You need to quickly learn what they care about and you need to skilfully navigate through uncertain terrain.

Amazing Teams

The project grew out of our mutual desire to see a world full of amazing teams.

The kind of teams we long to replicate later in our careers, the kind of teams we envy, the kind of teams we deeply believe are possible – but hard to just wish into existence.

With multiple decades of combined professional experience we know that amazing teams don’t happen by accident.

It takes a certain kind of leadership. The kind of leadership that brings people together and makes great things happen.

And it’s not magic either – there are powerful concepts, helpful frameworks and effective tactics anyone can use to improve their ability to nurture amazing teams.

Effective Leaders

In a healthy organization great leadership can and should happen on multiple levels. It comes from formal leaders, of course, but also from anyone who cares deeply about something and is ready to inspire and support others in making it happen.

The most effective leaders we’ve seen typically exhibit high-levels of curiosity – they do not approach every situation with predetermined answers. They show openness and flexibility – they’re ready to learn new things and apply the models and methods that make the most sense. They are also ready to happily let go of them when they no longer serve their purpose.

Those kinds of leaders are respectful and kind yet assertive – they understand that theirs is not the only way to understand the world, but that does not mean they must abandon what is important to them.

And above all those kinds of leaders are action-oriented – they plan, DO and reflect to clear the way for their teams and navigate through uncertain situations.

To help leaders grow

That is the mission of Grow Together Academy.

More specifically to help people like you grow in your ability to nurture amazing teams.

Over the next few weeks we will share a lot more about:

  1. examples of the best methods we know to achieve that goal,
  2. the stories that led us here including our own stories as well as the stories of our mentors, co-workers and students,
  3. and about the experience we’re creating to help people understand and apply new skills.

Please subscribe via growtogether.academy if you’re interested.

Thanks and see you soon,


* Forest image by Luca Bravo via Unsplash.