Leadership can be hard…

Remote leadership even more so.

Remote leadership during a global crisis is a career defining challenge for many of us.

My name is Michał Parkoła and I’m using this website to develop and spread the best tips, methods and tools to help remote leaders* like you.

* If you are responsible for more than your own work you are a leader.
* If you work with others beyond blindly following orders you are a leader.
* If you show empathy in understanding problems and initiative in solving them you are a leader.

That’s me in 2019!

I’ve been enabling teams to do their best work and helping leaders be happier and more effective for over a decade now. If you’re also interested in doing that for youself and the people that depend on you, let’s connect!

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What can you find on fluidcircle.net?

How did we get here?

  • 2011: Daniel Skowroński and I started Fluid Circle as an Agile consultancy and published a series of case studies of Polish software companies using Agile (which at that time was not ALL software companies like it is now).
  • 2012: We delivered our first multi-team Agile Transformation engagement for a Polish internet company called Gemius.
  • 2013: We slit up with Daniel (on good terms, we’re still friends today) and I organized Jeff Sutherland’s first public Scrum training in Poland.
  • 2015: I started People Skills for Geeks and started experimenting with online workshops. At the same time I took part in my largest (to date) Agile Transformation project as a member of the H.E.A.L. team at Sabre in Kraków. Here’s what the global transformation lead had to say about my contributions:
  • 2016: I took a year-long sabatical and fulfilled one of my dreams: a 2-month trip to the US hitting New York, Sillicon Valley (where I delivered a free workshop about Scrum for Google managers) and topping it off with three weeks of playing poker in Las Vegas. I also met Zuzia who is my business and life partner now. It was a good year :)
  • 2017: I started to organize my ideas about learning and gave a talk about it at Agile Warsaw (last I checked I am still one of the top Agile Warsaw speakers by number of talks):
  • 2017-2018: I served as an Agile Coach at 9LivesData, a highly-specialized software house in Warsaw, where I led an internal Leadership Academy and a Knowledge Sharing program which culminated in our best engineers sharing a bunch of meaty content inside and outside of 9LD. Many of the people I worked with are at Google now :) Oh, and I also rebuilt the website.
  • 2019: Together with Zuzia we started developing People Skills for Geeks into an online school culminating in the pre-sales of an online course about feedback. We failed to get enough traction and moved on to other experiments.
  • 2020: A few months before Covid I started a remote Agile Coaching engagement for one of the top-4 global consulting companies, learned about Clean Language and met Judy Rees and Lisette Sutherland which together with the sudden explosion of needs around remote work led me to become a licensed Collaboration Superpowers facilitator and to redouble my efforts around helping people with teamwork and leadership, in our new remote-first world.

What other people are saying?

Michał is a walking knowledge base about Agile. During the time we worked in 9livesdata many times I asked him for advice about first contacts with the client, about setup of processes in a new project and about current problems in the team and company. Michal was always ready to help and I finished discussion with new ideas and thoughts.

Małgorzata Bieńkowska
Technical Solution Manager at Google

Michał proved to be a very valuable product owner with very strict focus on providing business value. He is a perfect fit for a product-oriented company.

Tomasz Szymanski
CEO at SoftwareMill, Scala & Blockchain Developer

Why am I doing this?

My most stable “north star” statement is that I help people be happier and more effective while becoming happier and more effective myself. It can sound pretty abstract, but it fits with most of the things I’ve been focusing over the past decade including Agile Coaching, productivity and personal development, People Skills for Geeks and now Remote Leadership.

The key insight is that you need both: if you’re effective but unhappy you will soon burn out, and if you’re happy but ineffective you will likely fall on harder times soon.

Join me!

If all that sounds like something you’re interested in, send me your email address and I will send you weekly tools, techniques and ideas which you can convert to action which will lead to good results for you.