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A new operating system for learning

The Challenge I believe that in order to create a better world for everyone we need to become better at working together and in order to unlock our collective potential we need radically better ways to learn. With that in... Continue Reading →


What does Google know about teams?

(This is a short note about something I found useful in my role as a manager and coach at 9LivesData.) Project Aristotle was a research project conducted by Google. The goal of the project was to find what attributes of a team contributed... Continue Reading →

Paweł Brodziński on Collective Intelligence

(This is a short note about something I found useful in my role as a manager and coach at 9LivesData.) Notes: teams are much better than individuals at solving complex tasks individual or maximal intelligence of group members matters less than collective... Continue Reading →

A Note on Empathy and Compassion

Emotional intelligence and co-feeling There are two distinct aspects of empathy: noticing and understanding feelings (your own and in others) feeling what the other person feels, co-feeling I believe understanding feelings is almost always useful while co-feeling is not necessary for compassion and "can sometimes lead... Continue Reading →

When making decisions as a team aim for soft consensus

Sometimes there are decisions to be made in a team and sometimes we don't all agree on what to do. If the discussion is dragging on it's easy to just vote on it and move on. For a high-performance team... Continue Reading →

How to get good feedback

The trouble with feedback I have mixed feelings about feedback. In my own life I have grown tremendously by accepting direct feedback from people I trust and respect. On the other hand I hate it when someone uses a demeaning... Continue Reading →

How to speak so that others listen

The first topic is a simple but powerful model that has helped me greatly. Now it can also help you, so without further ado: Are people listening to what you have to say? How often do you try to convince... Continue Reading →

Thinking tools for Product Owners (my talk at Agile by Example 2014)

7 Pitfalls that can Destroy new Product Owners (my talk at Agile by Example 2014)

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