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Fluid Circle offers product, design and Agile services. We help our customers build kick ass products and successfuly bring them to market.

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The best way to start a project

Run a Design Sprint with your team to get answers to the most important questions with a prototype of your solution created and tested in one week. Don’t waste months building the wrong thing. Cut through uncertainty, shorten unproductive discussions and align your team around a common goal.

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About us

Michał ParkołaMichał Parkoła is an experienced entrepreneur and product strategist. He has worked with a wide ranges organisations: from startups to huge multi-national corporations. Michał loves it when powerful solutions can be expressed in a very succinct form.

40371565_317234265711560_4682101113892110336_nZuzanna Mrożewska is a UX researcher and designer with a passion for human-computer interaction. She holds two Masters degrees in Japanese Studies and Psychology. Zuzanna believes everyone should learn how to solve life issues with Design Thinking.


Michal is a walking knowledge base about Agile. During the time we worked in 9livesdata many times I asked him for advice about first contacts with the client, about setup of processes in a new project and about current problems in the team and company. Michal was always ready to help and I finished discussion with new ideas and thoughts.

Malgorzata Bienkowska
Technical Solution Engineer, Manager w Google

Michał proved to be a very valuable product owner with very strict focus on providing business value. He is a perfect fit for a product-oriented company.

Tomasz Szymanski
CEO at SoftwareMill, Scala & Blockchain Developer