Be Intentional About Your Team Information (Eco)System

When thinking about teamwork and team interactions it’s useful to think not only of communication between people via a certain channel, but rather about people’s interactions with the team information (eco)system.

The team information (eco)system consists of all information storage and communication tools that are in any way involved in the team’s work.

A typical TIS for a remote-first team might include:

  • E-mail
  • Slack, Discord, MsTeams chat
  • Trello or JIRA
  • Confluence (or other form of team Wiki)
  • Internal WordPress instance
  • Zoom, MsTeams or similar (screensharing, voice, video)
  • Github

Most elements of a typical TIS happen organically, but it can be extremely effective to make it a bit more intentional.

Here are some tips that can help (to be developed):